Question: What is TW 6K Profit System?
TW 6K Profit System is a Trafficwave team dedicated on helping all members building a successful online business from the ground up, using Trafficwave.

Question: How can TW 6K Profit System help me?
Here is what we provide all our members:

- Hosted & Done for you high converting capture pages to generate leads and sales.
- Follow up emails and campaign setup with your TRW affiliate links integrated.
- Ready to use team promotional materials. (banners, ad copies, text ads, etc...)
- Ability to earn from multiple income streams and viral traffic through our rebranding system
- Step by step traffic & list building training and methods
- Get Paid TrafficWave Signups on YOUR team, not someone else's!

You will also have the opportunity to get placed on our team leader personal rotator with the ability to run your Trafficwave business on autopilot. Our team leader will promote your business for you for as long as you are active and will personally help you get new paid Trafficwave members, entirely hands free. (NO min. hits requirements).

Plus more...!

Question: How many PAID Referrals will TW 6K Team provide me with?
There is not max amount of referrals, as long as you are a member at our team, we will do our best effort to help you build your TW downline through our rotators.

Question: How does the rotators work?
Our Team rotators are very straight forward and simple.

All members TW6K Profit System members with an active Trafficwave account will have their enrollment signup links integrated on admin personal url rotators and personal follow up campaigns. We use several different rotators, to promote your links and build your list in several ways. AS long as you active, your links will be promoted through several campaigns to get you PAID trafficwave members AND even build your list for you.

There are no priorities or pass ups so that the odds are fairly equal to all members through our rotators.

Question: How long will my TrafficWave Signup link stay in the rotator?
Your link will stay for as long as you are a Trafficwave active member.

Question: How much will participating in "TW 6K System" team, phenomenal TrafficWave team build cost me?
Answer: The only fee that you will incur is TrafficWave's monthly subscription fee of $17.95. TW 6K System Team does not charge a dime for its services and benefits.

Question: How and what does TrafficWave pay its affiliate?
Answer: To see TrafficWave “affiliate pay plan” please, click here.

Question: Do I have to pay for/upgrade my TrafficWave account right away?
Answer: Yes, a member must upgrade their TrafficWave account the same day they join us.

Question: Why can't I take advantage of TrafficWave's thirty (30) day free trial offer.

1. Because we have learned through experience that most people who join as a free trial member do not pay for their account at the end of that thirty (30 )day free trial; thus wasting my time and their sponsor's time.

2. During the trial period, Trafficwave members are not elegible for commissions.

Question: What is the team hit requirement to our team pages?
Answer: There is no hit requirements.

Question: How can I track my own hits?
Answer: I recommend that members use LeadsLeap.com to track their hits.

Question: I already have TrafficWave account. / Im part of another TrafficWave Team. Can I join Your Team?
Answer: No. To join our team, whether you already have a TW account or are part of another TW team, you will need to create a new TrafficWave account.

Question: How long will it take for me to receive PAID referrals from the team's rotator?
Answer: There are so many variable involved, that we simply cannot guarantee, neither the amount nor how fast you can get paid referrals, as mentioned, even though we help you grow your team, through our own promotional efforts, there are still other variables beyond our control.... this is team effort.

Variables include but are not limited to:
1. Your own promoting efforts
2. The team's promoting efforts (team promotions are super awesome)
3. Number of quitters (very high retention rate)
4. How many members get 'skipped' ahead of you for not promoting.

Question: Im ready to join! Where to I signup?
Answer: If you are ready to take action and join our team Click Here

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